How to Clean your Jewellery like a Professional

That favourite piece of jewellery lost its original glimmering appeal? Here’s a few tips on how to clean and polish your jewellery, plus the latest on a Jewellery Cleaner transforming the industry in the United States. 

By Margaret Garland

Polished Jewellery

The right piece of jewellery can add instant glamour to any outfit. A great pair of earrings, an elegant necklace, or a charming bracelet can highlight your personality and show off your personal sense of style.

We keep our favourite items for years, often passing them on to our children as they grow up themselves. Unfortunately, the more you wear your favourite items of jewellery, the more likely they are to lose their glimmering appeal. A good clean every now and then, however, will bring them back up to their sparkling best.

It's important to keep the benefits and potential risks in mind when choosing your buffing tools, be they homemade metal polishes or professional solutions. So read on for a quick run-down of some of the most popular approaches to cleaning jewellery and what you need to know about them before you start work on your favourite piece of jewellery.

Water and dish soap

Looking for a way to clean your jewellery without spending money on a professional jewellery cleaner? One of the most common choices is to mix mild dish soap with water. This is a good option if you need to remove slight films from metal, or remove gentle discoloration. All you need to do is rub the jewellery, then rinse in cold water.

Unfortunately, this method will only be able to deal with slight tarnishing. Additionally, if you leave the jewellery in the water for too long, or fail to dry it properly, you actually risk speeding up the tarnishing process.
Dish Soap for cleaning jewellery


You might use ammonia to clean your floors, but did you know it’s also used to clean diamonds? All you need to do is mix a small amount of ammonia with warm water, and place your diamonds into the mixture so that they can sit for around 15 minutes.

Of course, the main problem with using ammonia is that you're exposing yourself – and your jewellery – to some very harsh chemicals. It may help the gems to sparkle, but at the expense of the metal surrounding them.

Ammonia for cleaning jewellery



Vinegar is renowned as a home cleaning solution. If you’re looking to use it to clean your jewellery then make a note that you need to use white vinegar, not brown like below. Simply pour the vinegar into a bowl and allow the jewellery to soak in it for about 15 minutes. Once it's done soaking, gently scrub the jewellery to remove grime.

It’s a pretty safe approach and you should see some quick results. But like dish soap, it won’t always get rid of the deepest tarnishes. You'll also be exposing your favourite pieces to a very strong scent, which can be difficult to remove, even with extended wear.
Vinegar for cleaning jewellery

A Professional Jewellery Cleaner

If you want all the benefits of stunning jewellery without the risks, consider buying a professional cleaning solution to make sure you keep that lasting shine in your favourite pieces of jewellery. A great option is Maas Jewellery Cleaner, Basket and Brush, which allows you to gently and thoroughly remove dirt and tarnish from your favourite pieces, without having to worry about hazardous chemicals and possible damage.

This jewellery cleaner has been specially adapted from their famous Maas Metal Polish formula and carries the same full no-quibble money back guarantee. The jewellery cleaner comes in a sealed packet, and all you need to do is add water to your 170-gram container, pour in the concentrate, and soak your jewellery for a few minutes. To get results like the professionals be sure to use the brush to reach deep into those intricate little prongs and chains.

For only $17.95 with free shipping options available, Maas Jewellery Cleaner will instantly enhance lustre and the solution can be re-used multiple times, making it an effective and affordable way to clean your jewellery at home. Please keep in mind the Jewellery Cleaner is not a harsh dip and contains no hazardous chemicals. It is an exclusive MAAS formula that will not damage metals, diamonds, gems and non-porous stones. Unfortunately you won’t find it in any old supermarket or Jewellery store so your best option is to purchase it online at the link below.

Time Saving Tip: In addition to Maas Jewellery Cleaner, purchase yourself a pack of Maas Jewellery Polishing Wipes. They’re ideal for your purse or for travelling and are a quick and convenient way to keep your jewellery gleaming if you’re in a rush. Take advantage of this special Reader Offer and Save $6 when you order both Maas Jewellery Cleaner and Maas Jewellery Polishing Wipes together.

Whether it's gold, silver, platinum or any other popular jeweller’s metal, learning how to clean your jewellery at home will help it to maintain a lasting shine for longer, so you can keep your jewellery sparkling for years to come. And if you want to be assured of professional results every time, the professionals recommend Maas Jewellery Cleaner. 


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